An Introduction to Le Multicolore Game

An Introduction to Le Multicolore Game

Le multicolore is a very old game of chance. It was very popular in France and also in Catalonia. The game appears to have been influenced by two games popular at the time of its inception, Namely Roulette and Bagatelle. Essentially players need to make a white ball land in a circular section of a game table. The section will have multiple cups on it. Each cup will be matched with a specific colour. There are 24 scoring cups with a 25 cup donating a 0.

The Presidential Origins of Le Multicolore

The game was developed by Raymond Poincare, or at least, introduced to the public by him. He serves as president and politician in France between 1913 an 1920. The game soon became quite popular in France and was colloquially know as the people’s roulette, due to its friendlier public image. By this time roulette was considered a vice and also a game for the rich aristocracy. Le Multicolore was also allowed in game halls where roulette was banned, even though the principles are very similar.

The Play Area of Le Multicolore

A Le Multicolore table appears very similar to a traditional roulette table. You will have a large play area where players congregate. At one end of the gaming table you will find a circular wheel. This wheel can be spun during play or remain static.  The wheel has 25 cups present in it, each cup representing a specific colour, with a single cup representing a 0, which means all bets are lost .The wheel has six green cups, six red cups, six white cups, six yellow cups and a blue cup.

The coloured cups are each divided into four numbers. The numbers reference the payout associated with players placed wager. With six cups allocated to each colour, the values of the cups are split in the following values: One cup of each colour will be valued at 4. Two cups of each colour will be valued at 2. Three cups of each colour will be valued at 3. On the actual play table, the mat is divided in the same way as the wheel segments. There will be room to place wagers on each of the colours and for each cup in play.

Initiating Play in Le Multicolore

Once all wagers have been placed, the real fun of the game can begin. Le Multicolore does not use the traditional method of determining the winning number on the wheel. Rather than have a croupier roll a ball along the rim of a spinning wheel, le multicolore instead uses a similar style to billiards to roll the ball and determine a winner.

The croupier stands on one end of the Le multicolore game table and uses a billiard queue to shoot the ball along the one edge of the game table. The billiard ball will travel up along a specifically designed guard rail and travel through a cloth. It will move along the far edge the table and then onto the game wheel with the different cups. The payout is determined by the cup value the balls lands in, with the blue cup being the highest payout at 24:1