Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash Slot Overview Online

Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash Slot Overview Online

This is a space themed adventure slot from Barcrest games that has filled itself with several interconnected bonus features that convey a sense of travel and adventure through the cosmos of space. Perhaps it isn’t as dramatic as that, but this Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash slot is still a whole bunch of themed fun, with animations on the reels, some interesting symbols and even an integrated soundtrack that perpetuates the themed experience.

The betting consists of a set of 10 fixed pay lines and the diversity coming from the available range of line stakes. This does however allow for most players to have a go, especially because a slot like Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash slot is not just about the winning but also the adventure within. But because the winning is great, Barcrest games included 3 fantastical bonus features that are linked together and tangent into one another making for a situation in which the winning starts and then seems to just keep going. Definitely a slot worth a bash.

Dissecting the Theme, Reels and Symbols

Whilst the majority of the action stems from the mass of bonus features, the theme of this unique slot also has a few interesting and noteworthy instalments. These include some flashy animations on the reels, some interesting symbols and even decent graphics. The sound effects reflect space as well as a few slot machine sounds to bring attention to the action on the reels.

The symbols of this slot are also quite theme based, and so players will find plenty of space related content on the reels. This includes some of the interesting Martians from the title. There are also playing card symbols that make up the smaller wins in Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash slot.

Bonus Features through Time and Space

With such a collection the best way is to simple dive right in. The first on this list is the shuffling reels that feature throughout the base game. After each spin without a win the reels can randomly shuffle themselves, resulting in potentially wins out of losses.

The next feature is a pick me feature and is triggered when the bonus symbol lands on reels 1, 3 and 5. Do this and players can then pick one of these symbols to reveal multipliers and potentially a Bonus, which sends players to the next feature.

This is the Asteroid feature and here players will pick up to 3 asteroids to reveal prizes beneath. There is a 500 times bet prize up for grabs in the features here on out. Land a specific asteroid and trigger the next feature, the planet bonus feature.

Here players observe 3 spinning planets, the one that stops rewards its prize. Again here the 500 times total stake reward is available. Overall though these features include some interesting animations and cut scenes, all in an attempt to excite and immerse the players in the thrills of space adventure. Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash casino slots game seems to be a hit from Barcrest games.