An Introduction to Tennis Betting Online in New Zealand

An Introduction to Tennis Betting Online in New Zealand

Tennis is a popular sport across the world, played in one form or another in almost every country on earth. Played with stringed rackets and a spongy ball, tennis is a fast paced, action packed sport, well known for having lightening fast turnaround times between serves.

In fact, some serves are so fast that the ball can barely be followed with the eye, with spectators sometimes left wandering what exactly happened after the ball left the server’s racket.

This exciting pace not only makes the sport entertaining for spectators, but gives it appeal in the eyes bet makers in New Zealand and the world. Sudden and unexpected developments in a sport make for very exciting tennis betting, hence making tennis a preferred betting choice for many punters.

The majority of online bookmakers support bet tennis betting, generally offered with straight forward fixed odds choices. Handicap rules are also sometimes used, depending on the players and circumstances.

Brief Tennis History

Tennis is one of the longest running sports in history, with origins that stretch back to as far as the 12th century. The game was not exactly the same back then as it is now, however, and only truly evolved into the modern tennis version in the mid 1800s.

Since then tennis has spread across the world and been adopted by numerous countries, with notable tennis talent found in every continent on the planet. As far as widely played sports go, tennis is one of the most universally played.

The sport has not been without its fair share of controversy, however, and has been plagued with many unusual and astonishing occurrences that have shocked the world. The alarmingly foul mouthed John McEnroe, for example, was well known for loudly cursing and yelling during his matches, often at the bewildered referee.

His reputation for doing so often prompted critics to declare him as out of control, but he also happened to be one of the best tennis players in history. Some even say that he made the game of tennis more entertaining. Another astonishing occurrence was the stabbing of Monica Seles, which occurred in 1993 in Hamburg.

The disturbed male stabber is confessed to have committed the due to the fact that it seemed as if Monica Seles was going to defeat Steffi Graf. The stabber preferred that Graf won, and stabbed Seles to avoid her being able to finish the match.

Placing Tennis Bets Online

Placing Tennis Bets

In order for New Zealand bet makers to get involved in tennis betting, they simply need to visit one of the many available online bookmakers. Bets can be placed quickly and easily once an account has been made, and access is even available directly from a smart phone called mobile betting.

Any popular or mainstream current tennis match will be prominently displayed at the bookmaker, and need simply be selected for available tennis betting options to be displayed. Remember to carefully consider odds before placing a bet, since once a bet has been placed it cannot be reversed. It is always a good idea to read a few forums or articles that predict who the winner will be of a match before committing money.