Check out Why All Free Lotto Games Aren’t Free

Check out Why All Free Lotto Games Aren’t Free

If it sounds too good to be true, they say, it probably is. This is a lesson some gullible punters have learnt the hard way, after signing up on sites promising “free lotto games” and then receiving a deluge of spam in their email inboxes, while getting precious little lottery entertainment in return. Sadly, the convenience of online gaming also comes with its hazards; there are some shady sites that offer “free lotto games” purely to harvest more email addresses and other details from players, which they sell to spammers. Or else players have to fulfil onerous conditions, such as visiting the site every day, or having to click on an advertiser’s web link and allow the full page to download, before they are eligible for prizes.

More often than not, the so-called “free lotto games” will be only one game, and be a sweepstake rather than a lottery. In many cases, only the highest value matches, such as six numbers, will result in substantial prizes; most of the lower matches have prizes that are paltry in comparison to the odds against winning. Then there are sites that never deliver prizes at all, relying on ridiculous conditions in the fine print or simply not responding to complaints, to avoid rewarding winners. Luckily, outspoken online reviewers are not shy to name and shame these operations, so a little homework can spare keen online lottery fans a lot of grief.

But Free Lotto Games do Exist

They might be wary of scams, but all gamblers love a little windfall they don’t have to pay for; after all, that is the appeal of gambling: winning without effort. So it’s comforting to know that there are indeed actual free lotto games that do allow players to win prizes. It might take a little digging online to find them, amidst the nefarious operators mentioned above, but they do exist. Not that they’re philanthropists simply giving away money: these sites make revenue by selling advertising on their pages.

So it makes sense for them to offer genuine free lotto games, to respond to customer complaints and queries, and to deliver prizes without delays or subterfuge. The more satisfied customers they can get to keep visiting the site repeatedly, the more page views they will rack up, and the more advertising they can sell on the site.

Lotto Games

Free Lotto Games on For-Money Sites

Players who enjoy real money on lotteries can also enjoy free lotto games from time to time, even on real-money sites. Like slots bonuses Canada, online lottery websites will offer promotional bonuses, to encourage players to play more often, or to try different lotteries. Although they will come with terms and conditions attached, the free lotto games players are given in promotional incentives can win them real money. But whatever type of free lotto games players are tempted to try, they should always read all terms and conditions carefully before registering on a site, so they know exactly what they’re getting into.