Gift Rap Slot Basics for Online Casino Fans

Gift Rap Slot Basics for Online Casino Fans

Gift Rap slot game is not to be confused with the term gift wrap. It is a play on the word wrap and involves little rapping Christmas elves. This is a Christmas themed casino slot game that is available all year round.

The graphics, visuals and sound effects are designed around the Christmas theme and this game is certain to have any player yearning for the holiday season. The game is easy to play and understand and the entertainment value of the rapping elves is phenomenal. There are many features that are included in this slot game and in this article we will outline a few key aspects that a player will need to know in order to fully understand how to play the Gift Rap casino slot game.

Gift Wrap Slots Features

Bonus rounds can be achieved in Gift Rap by obtaining three of the frosty snowmen symbols that act as the scatter. They are identified by a jack in the box like pop up that will appear on the screen. If three of them appear at any time in the same spin, the bonus feature will be triggered and players will need to pick from a range of several gifts that will be displayed in the mini game.

Pokies players will have to keep choosing presents until they gain a snowman head and the round will be over. Depending on the amount of picks that a player uses before ending the game, the player will win a certain amount of points. Each individual box will also carry its own value in points. Other rewards will include between five and fifty free spins that can be awarded to players in these bonus rounds.

Gift Rap Slot Features

Playing with Real Money or for Free

Players are able to play Gift Rap with real money by depositing funds into the slot game. This can be done by using a plethora of transactional methodologies such as linking a debit or credit card to the slot itself or by connecting a payment gateway such as PayPal or Neteller depending on their region of the world. This allows players to win real money by enjoying the game of Gift Rap. However should a player not be certain about how to play or what the game will hold and does not wish to take the chance using real money, they are able to enjoy this game for free.

Players playing this slot for free will be granted enough points for them to play the slot to its full capability and learn the game in its rawest and most effective form. Whether a player chooses to play for real money or for free, they will be exposed to the exact same game and have all of the same features that accompany the game.

Gift Rap, although Christmas themed has proven to be a game that many people around the world choose to enjoy all year round; this is probably because of the features that are available and the enjoyable gameplay that leaves Christmas nostalgia.