Lucky Rose Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Lucky Rose Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Developed by Novomatic, the Lucky Rose online slot game is a fortune teller themed game. In contrast to some other online slot games that offer up to 243 win lines, the Lucky Rose online slot game offers 5 game reels with a total of 10 win lines.

However, before you start looking for another game that offers more pay lines, it might be a good idea to first look at the bonus feature that this game offers. The bonus feature is what has made this seemingly simple game into such a success.

Lucky Rose Bonus Game

While the game interface of Lucky Rose online slot game might seem quite simple, the bonus game feature is what makes this particular slot game quite interesting. To access the bonus feature, players need to aim at getting three crystal balls to land on reels 1, 3 and 5.

When this occurs, the bonus game will be triggered. Each of the balls will then reveal a slot icon, which might be the Jack, King, Queen, or any other symbol. Following on from this the player will be given 12 free spins.

The difference here is that during these free spins, only the three shown icons will actually appear on the reels. Because of the fewer possible symbols, this has the potential of resulting in some much bigger wins.

If any of the big money symbols are available, this can result in some even bigger payouts for the player. Of course, in order to be successful with Lucky Rose pokies game, luck still does need to be on your side to some or other degree.

The color scheme of the Lucky Rose online slot game is very bright, with a wide range of bold colors. The overall feel of the game is quite traditional, and so can be quite attractive to players who enjoy the old styles of the best online pokies in Australia and other countries offer.

Players are able to select how many pay lines they would like to be active for each spin. This means that you could decide to just activate a single line, or otherwise activate all of the pay lines. The line cost can also be set low, or up to much higher amounts. This makes it ideal for players on low budgets, as well as those who have more money to spend, and want to go for the big bets.

Lucky Rose Winning Symbols

For full details of all the symbols, as well as the winning combinations of symbols, players can refer to the paytable at any time. This paytable is easily accessible from the game interface, and can be accessed at any time while playing.

For players who want to keep on playing, but are a bit distracted for whatever reason, the auto spin button is a good way to ensure that the reels keep spinning. This feature can of course be switched on or off at any point, as is convenient for the player.

Because of the limited number of win lines, this does result in wins coming a bit more regularly than might be experienced in other games.